About Me

I am a pretty simple girl leading a pretty simple life.  Originally from Windsor, Ontario I moved around to South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia and Louisiana.  I’ve lived in New Orleans twice, once married and now divorced.  This city adopted me almost immediately from the first time I stepped foot in New Orleans during Jazz Fest I think it was 1991. I remember putting my foot in the Mississippi, taking a ride on a streetcar and dancing at the Fais Do Do Stage at Jazz Fest with an old Cajun man that swung me around until I was dizzy.

My life has been a series of ups and downs and feeling lost many times.  I’m not going to go into the personal heartaches except the loss of both my parents put a real toll on my during my life, my mom when I was 16 and my dad  6 years ago.  A couple years ago I read a book that made me cry and made me realize I am of my own doing.  I control how I feel and what I do.  I decided to make a positive approach at life and to stop the anxiety that filled my head.  My weight was up and down like a yo-yo.  I will post photos sometime of the up and down craziness, but a year and a half ago I decided that was enough.  I realized I was a sugar addict.  At 43 years old last March I got a gym membership to GymMatrix and hit the weights.  Then a few months later I started eating clean. I accomplished my goal!  I was still cheating on the eating quite a bit, but someone on Facebook mentioned the word Paleo and I starting reading, listening to podcasts…the lightbulb went off!  And here I am to tell my story and hopefully help others.

Also, I have been an “artist” of sorts my whole life, went to school for it, but something was always in my way from making it happen.  I paint or draw when I can little by little.  My goal is to fit in time to paint all the time.  I am tired of time not being on my side.  I am also tired of not feeling like I’m not good enough as an artist; I need to keep telling myself I am good and I do have time and I am inspired.  You see, I have an artist’s soul…

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” ~Pablo Picasso.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. OMG, Denise!!!! How awesome and so very inspirational!!! Keep up the great work and always follow your dreams!!! I’d love to come for a visit one of these years!!!
    Love, Dawn

  2. I third that…incredibly inspirational and “real”. What an awesome example you are to so many people on how you can change your life by making simple choices. You are awesome.

  3. Wow its amazing how we view ourselves. You are not just GOOD you are GREAT.! I have known you since grade school and up until 1991 when I got married and your started your travelling we were very close. I would have described you as a very gifted artist, terrific daughter, friend and someone who took chances in life and lived it to the fullest. You are an amazing artist, you are very smart ( I always envied your grades!), and have exerienced alot that life has to offer. The loss your parents has a profound affect on you… i know this from expereince too….it takes a while but we bounce back! I am so happy that you feel better about yourself and your life now at 44 than you did in the past.. however I would say that you have only fine tuned yourself as the person and great friend I remember growing up was already terrific and in my eyes didn’t need any changes… So continue to write in your blog and this Kool Aide Mom will live vicarously through you…..Love Joey xoxo

    • Thank you Joey! Such kind words from my friend! I view life different now, ever changing and that’s a great thing at least for me. I keep learning and keep growing and to me I think I’ve finally made it, in a way of course because there is always another door to open. I guess I’m just too curious! Thank you again you are always a great friend 🙂

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