A New Year…No Fear


A magnet came in my Christmas stocking: “do one thing every day that scares you”…and I immediately said yes that is my New Years Resolution.  Should be everyone’s resolution.  Maybe not James Bond type adventure; not scare the shit out of us scary and dangerous, but put the fears in life aside and live life.

It might be something adventurous like skydiving or mountain climbing. Enter a contest or a race.  Say yes to that adventure when offered.

How about dance like a fool in public or jump on a stage and sing.  If you’re called to the dance floor…go out there and who cares what anyone thinks.

Might be changing your look, or buying something new you never thought you would.  Wear a fun, crazy or sexy outfit you never would have before.  Impulse buy!

Maybe tackle a new challenging project, start a new hobby, take on a new career or volunteer somewhere you never thought you would.

Talk to that person you’ve been wanting to talk to or talk to the one you never thought you would want to talk to.

It’s trying those things you’ve been wanting to do all this time and overcoming the little tug of fear that has kept you from trying.  Nothing is ever going to change in life if we do the same things we’ve always done.  Fear conjures up many excuses and these excuses always give us a reason to never take a risk and always play it safe.

No, these opportunities that may scare me won’t come up everyday, but when they do, big or small, I think I’ll go for it and give it a try.  Maybe it won’t be anything monumental…something small or maybe it will be life changing.  I may laugh at myself or feel proud of myself, but I can say, Hey, I gave it a shot!  The magnet is on my fridge…there for me to see every day of this New Year.


Do It Yourself Gym

For this vacation I decided not to go with a gym for my workouts. Knowing we would be very busy (relaxing takes a lot of energy!) I wanted to utilize what I had on-hand to create an optimal workout

First let me tell you that I workout 5-6 days a week…I enjoy my time at the gym. I also wanted to use my vacation time as a little vacation for my muscles so if you fall in this category maybe focus on a few extra days off from working out.

If you can pack a few home workout items like an exercise ball, hand weights, a jump rope or a band then do so. As you see in the photo I found a few things around Paul and Kim’s house to use. The full half-gallon dish soap bottle made a great low weight kettle bell. Or look for anything with a handle…full bleach or laundry bottle, full paint can…you get the idea just look around. Next I found a full 20lb bag of kitty litter…great for Russian twists or sling it over your shoulder to either do lunges or just plain ole haul it around the yard or up and down stairs if available. No kitty litter? Then look for bags of sand, dirt or even dog food.

This all works for those who don’t have a gym membership and always seem to find an excuse not to work out.  No excuses!!

Otherwise take a walk or a hike (use a hill if you can – or I use the levee in New Orleans), keep that core tight  and lift something heavy when you can!

Two pups on a journey

Bandit and Mama Bear

Last years vacation

My dogs, Mama Bear and Bandit, love a trip.  Every walk is an adventure for them already.  So when we leave out tonight on our long car ride to Michigan, they will think of it as an exploration…a journey…a mission.  I have taken the same route for the past few years with them.  Do they remember the smells at the stops along the way?  Is it a memory for them or is each trip unique…new smells, new discoveries.

These two beautiful dogs of mine have been on an adventure their whole lives.  They were both rescued by Animal Rescue New Orleans separately after Hurricane Katrina.  Bandit was running around Harahan…the Hound of Harahan they called him.  He was first seen as pup, I believe, with his mom and siblings and was separated from the group and then on his own.  Apparently as a feral dog, although fearing humans, he was fed quite well by restaurants, bars and an older woman, Miss Sue, who left him ground beef and rice.  Mama Bear however had a tough little life, also a feral dog she wandered the streets battered and bruised with her 2 puppies and was eventually found by a group of boys from out-of-town (many people came to rescue and rebuild after Katrina) under a house with her pups scared to death.  ARNO found a home for Mama Bear’s puppies together at a home out-of-state.  This is where Mama Bear and Bandit met….two lonely, frightened feral dogs, rescued by humans and not knowing what all this meant.

Good things happened though…Bandit and Mama Bear became buddies…friends…or I call them soul mates.  If you never have believed in soul mates, the moment you spent time with them you would believe.  These two were ARNO’s first feral rescues and the love they showed these dogs is almost impossible to describe.  They domesticated them and cared for them like they were their own children and no home would be good enough for either of them.  Until I came along.  Three years ago I lost my dog, Molly.  I was devastated, but to know and love Molly, would be to know you could pass on love to another animal…she made it easy, the angel she was.  About a month later I went to ARNO just to see.  I walked a few dogs and played with them then they brought out Bandit to me.  One ear up and one ear down…he was quiet, kind of sad and extremely sweet…and he came home with me.  We became buddies.  He took well to my cats (another story of course). And then we moved.  A bigger house with a yard in New Orleans.  I had wanted a yard again for Molly, but now Bandit would get that yard and I was so excited…he needed this!  He loved the house, found a chair to lay in and he was happy.

But, he was sad when I left for work…he cried.  My neighbor told me he cried all day.  I felt so bad for him, but what could I do?  Well, a few weeks before Christmas I was on Facebook and happen to see a little letter about Mama Bear…she was still at the shelter and needed her forever home and then it said she was so sad and lonely because she missed her friend Bandit.  I cried…sobbed.  She can’t be alone…that’s why Bandit was crying…he missed her too.  I replied to the email on the post and asked if I could adopt Mama Bear.  Now I had everyone at ARNO crying…this was HUGE!  This was their dream and a Christmas gift.  So I took Bandit the next day to the shelter to get his girl.  Wow…happiness!  Everyone was there to see these soul mates ride off in the sunset together.

They are inseparable!  They are so happy together and they make me happy too.  There is nothing sweeter than to be on one of our many walks and see Mama Bear reach over and give her Bandit a kiss.  It always makes me smile.  They really love each other.

That is why our trips, our journeys are so special…every walk is special.  And when we go to Michigan, people say “You are driving all that way by yourself?”…No, I have Bandit and Mama Bear with me…we are off on our big adventure.

Hello World!

Very excited to finally start a blog.  I was going to create an elaborate website that branched out in separate areas, but I don’t know what I’m doing, so with my friend Cheri’s suggestion…start with a blog!  Done…well, now what do I write.

Well, what will it be about?  Basically “stuff” about 1. my life in New Orleans – what to do, where to go for well, the regular person that wants a local perspective; 2. my life as the Po’Girl artist or starving artist and all my struggles to do the thing I love most (I’m sure that applies to many of us!); and 3. and probably most of the content will be living a healthy, fit and balanced life with limited means, of course, with the belief it takes only one person to live this way…you.

I am not a writer, journalist or a savvy speaker…I am just a girl with a few words.  Enjoy