I just came across a blog post that not only amused me, but hey, what better part of healthy balanced living is there than a good old striptease 🙂 Enjoy!


Red Dress Run…Summer Fun in New Orleans

It’s hot here and it’s been raining for what seems to be several weeks.  This does not stop New Orleans from having fun.  Thankfully the rain ended early today for one of the most fun times here…the Red Dress Run.  One week after the Satchmo Fest and tonight we have Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street.  And Red will mix with the dirty whites of the gallery seekers tonight.

I worked today, but this does not stop me or anyone else witnessing the effects of Red Dress Run.  I watch my neighbors stumbling in their houses all adorned in their red dresses.  Even my neighbors, who I always think of as very straight-laced came house a little wobbly, slurring words shouting of a great time and that I need to come next year!  As the sun sets they are still lingering in the neighborhoods.

The “race” is downtown starting and ending in the French Quarter…not sure how many of the 8000 or so ever make it to the end with the bar hopping in between!  When I lived in the Quarter, if I didn’t participate, it sure was fun to walk around and take in the red dress sightings.  Nothing like a straight hairy beer-bellied guy in a too tight red dress he borrowed from his wife!  Very funny!

For 18 years this run has been going on and proceeds go to various charities and non-profits and it’s just plain ole a hell of a lot of fun.  So if you’re not from here check it out and put in on your calendar and don’t be afraid of a little Louisiana heat.  Check out Red Dress Run on Facebook or the Hash House Harriers who are the self-proclaimed group the “drinking club with a running problem”.  So mark your calendars…I don’t want to miss this again next year!

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Note: some of the pics are from local photographer and cookbook author Roy Guste who has some amazing photos of New Orleans!  You can also find him on Facebook.